Clinical Psychologist

M.A.(Hons)  Dip. Clin. Psych.  MNZCCPsych.

Karen Fincham

Professional & Confidential service

I am trained in the assessment and treatment of a range of psychological and psychiatric disorders and have over 30 years of clinical experience. My usual therapeutic approach is a Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) one. I am registered as a Psychologist in the Clinical scope of practice. 

Under the ORANGE traffic light Covid-19 protection system please be prepared to declare or show your vaccination status, if wishing to attend a face-to-face consultation, so appropriate health and safety procedures can be implemented, if necessary. I am happy to provide phone or video-messaging services to current or ex-clients.

I do not usually have a waiting list for new clients. Most new clients can usually be seen within a few days of contact.

I am able to offer appointment times outside of usual business hours.

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